Month: February 2016

Your Word is your Stick

word-count-600x400Popular psychic teachers explain how to use your words and how to make your dreams into reality. If you know of this principle ‘what we think we become’ you will find easy to master physics advice. Through the book, they teach you how to think and how to develop a life that you always wanted. It may look like magic but when you follow their advice and suggestions, it works.

Most people have negative thoughts about their life. Whatever they do, they do not feel confident. As a result, they experience failure and loss. See the world through positive eyes and you will see positive things around you.

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Paddy Fievet’s ‘When Life Cried Out.’

PaddyFievetPHOTOJun2015When Life Cried Out is an amazing experience of women. She has explained how she surrendered herself to spirituality. She has learned about self-love and life through own experience. Paddy Fievet has experienced several dark nights. She says that she has spent most time living for other’s wishes or how others expected her to live.

One night, she pleaded to God to eliminate everything and stood on the path of spirituality. She lost everything from friends, marriage to health. Her meditation helped her to find the best place in the world. She has written several books. Check her website for more details.

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