Residential Pest Control – Bed Bugs

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Residential Pest Control – Bed Bugs


Visual inspection – Our technicians are trained and experienced in visually inspecting for bedbugs. We are identifying the tell-tale signs of an infestation and distinguishing a bedbug from other bugs, which are often confused with bedbugs.

Dog inspection
– We have access to an excellent bedbug sniffer dog that can identify the presence of bedbugs without needing the visual confirmation that can sometimes be hard to locate. Trained K9s can detect odors entirely unnoticeable to humans.
Download a copy of the preparation sheet, which must be followed before the K9 team enters your home.


Chemical Treatment
– We can provide chemical treatment to your home/apartment for bedbugs. You will need to download a preparation sheet and follow the list of requirements carefully
. The closer you follow the preparation guidelines, the better chance we have of eradicating the bedbugs in as few treatments as possible.
Due to the nature of bedbugs, you will need two chemical treatments. The second one will be booked 14 days after the first. In some cases, more treatments will be needed at 2-week intervals.

Download a copy of the datasheet for the chemical we use to treat bedbugs.

Heat Treatment

– Another extremely effective way to treat bedbugs is by using heat. The Heat Assault Unit 500X can maintain an indoor temperature of 150F, which ensures that all bedbugs and their eggs are exterminated. The high efficiency of the unit allows us to treat multiple apartments at the same time.

We highly recommend you use our company to carry out any heat treatments; we have a great success rate with the elimination of bedbugs. We are very knowledgeable in the field and can answer any questions you may have about the process.

The AGES Heat Assault system uses two trailer-mounted diesel-fired furnaces that create a redundant loop. This eliminates the possibility of system shutdowns during heat treatments. A high-efficiency pump circulates non-toxic glycol through hoses and heat exchangers. There is no fire hazard and the glycol is non-toxic. The system also allows us to perform bedbug heat treatments in a significantly shorter time than their competitors. It also eliminates the need to vacate the premises for extended periods.
The heat treatment unit allows us to heat areas up to 5,000 square feet at a time, and the fan system circulates the heat into all furniture and cracks and crevices. When directed towards the walls and the temperature is raised quickly enough, experience has shown that bedbugs will not escape through the walls and will remain in the target area.

Temperature probes are distributed throughout the affected area and monitored remotely. Once the temperature has reached 125F for over 30 minutes, all eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult insects will be killed. The room is kept up to temperature for approximately 3 hours to allow heat to penetrate the furniture and walls.

Find The Right Car Insurance For You

Auto Insurance

How do you choose which car insurance is best for you? By using a free internet referral service, you’ll receive up to five free car insurance quotes that allow you to compare which car insurance company will best accommodate your needs.

Reasonable Online Car Insurance Quote – How To Find It?

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The first thing that we should do when we are trying to get a reasonable online car insurance quote is to visit car insurance quotes comparison sites. The reasonable auto insurance quote offered by insurance companies might differ tremendously and we don’t want to grab the first reasonable online car insurance quote that we can find when we can actually find better deals on other insurance companies’ websites. 

Something we can do to get reasonable online car insurance quotes is to ensure that our car has the safety norms and anti-theft measures. We can install devices that will help to reduce your car’s risk of being stolen or damaged. In this way, we will have less chance to make claims from the insurance companies and they will be able to offer reasonable auto insurance for us. Having a good driving record will help us to secure a reasonable car insurance quote online as well.

Next, the type of car we are driving determines whether we are eligible to get reasonable online car insurance quotes. We will pay higher insurance premiums if we are insuring a highly-priced car such as a sports car. However, we can consider removing collision and comprehensive coverage of we are driving an old and lower-priced car. This will help us to get reasonable car insurance quotes.

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How Much The Invisalign Treatment Costs

Invisalign Cost

Here at our practice, we understand that cost can be a large factor when considering orthodontic work. Invisalign treatment is very often quite comparable to the cost of traditional braces. The cost of your treatment, as with most medical procedures, can vary based upon a number of factors based on your specific needs and goals. Factors such as the complexity of your treatment, the duration of your treatment, and the number of required office visits can have an effect on the overall cost of Invisalign treatment provided by our practice. Only your doctor can accurately determine the cost of your individualized treatments. Be sure to ask all of your questions and voice your concerns about your treatment so that you can make the best-informed decision possible. To learn more about Invisalign orthodontic treatments, costs, and payment or financing options, please contact our office to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today!invisalign treatment

Invisalign Financing Options


We are pleased to offer a variety of no-interest* and low monthly payment plans for our patients. CareCredit functions just like a regular credit card, so you can use it whenever you need to without the inconvenience of having to reapply when you require care.

Each CareCredit provider has the freedom to choose which payment plans and promotions they would like to offer. Please be sure to contact our office if you would like to learn more about which plans we offer.

CareCredit offers a wide range of payment plans to suit the treatment that you need. Our 3, 6, 12, & 18-month no-interest* payment plans feature monthly payments as low as 3% of the balance while still allowing you to pay within the specified time without incurring interest charges. Simply make at least your minimum monthly payments and be sure to pay off your entire balance within the agreed-upon time period, and you won’t pay any interest-it’s that easy!

For clients with higher treatment fees who would like the options of more time to pay and lower monthly payments, our 24, 36, 48, & 60 months extended payment plans* offer a low, 14.9% interest rate and an extended term.

Citi® Health Card – Treatments today. Payment tomorrow.

Use your Citi Health Card to get flexible payment plan options for the treatments that you and your family need. Participating providers may offer a variety of payment plans* for many procedures that may not be fully covered by your insurance provider.

If you qualify, the Citi Health Card also accesses the Citi Health MasterCard account that can be used everywhere that MasterCard credit cards are accepted. Purchases made at participating providers will be charged to the Citi Health Card account. Purchases made at other locations accepting MasterCard will be billed to the Citi Health MasterCard account.clear braces

Contact Our Office for More Information Today

We believe that our patients should have access to the best care available for the treatments that they need. If you are interested in Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, or any other of our cosmetic or restorative treatments, then call our office to schedule your no-obligation consultation today! You don’t need to endure the inconvenience of imperfections with your smile, and we look forward to serving you!