Month: June 2015

What is Special and Latest in Windows ’10?

windows_10_problemsWindows have upgraded its operating system. Windows 10 is expected to make great waves in the market. It looks organized than the previous version. You will find it easy to learn and operate. There is an ‘all apps list’. You can download apps just like you do with your smartphones.

There are shortcuts to connect to the apps. You can use tablet pen and write on the space where you usually type. You can write as you wish. You can organize the photos in a single place. You do not have to keep in different locations and search throughout your system or laptop.

Know about the Fundbox

13880Fundbox is the latest solution for small business owners. If you are interested in integrating technology into your new business, you need to know and make use of Fundbox. It helps to manage cash flow and invoices at a steady rate. Jordan MavAvoy is the VP of Fundbox marketing team. He described how technology changes and how we need to adopt to make the maximum in business.

It is designed by a team of financial professionals and technological innovators. They developed with an aim to help small business owners. It offers small business owners to grow and achieve full profile and remain independent. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, you need to listen to his interview as well as check out the application.